• DAY 01 ( FRI, 02nd AUG )
  • DAY 02 ( SAT, 03rd AUG )
  • DAY 03 ( SUN, 04th AUG )
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nullNothing Like Lear – Enacted by Vinay Pathak, Directed by Rajat Kapoor

null07:00 pm – 09:00 pm Know More…
1) Raks-E-Bismil_ A Sufi Kathak Performance

Opening Ceremony

nullRaks-E-Bismil: A Sufi Kathak Performance

null11:00 am – 12:30 pmKnow More…

2) omerta

Film Screening

null12:45 pm – 02:15 pmKnow More…
3)Director’s Cut_ Omerta with Hansal Mehta


nullDirector’s Cut: Omerta with Hansal Mehta
null02:15 pm – 03:15 pmKnow More…
Poetry Contest Image


nullPoetry contest – Finale
null03:30 pm – 04:45 pmKnow More…
4)Rendezvous with the legend Ruskin Bond 2

Book Discussion

null Rendezvous with the legend “Ruskin Bond”
null05:00 pm – 06:15 pmKnow More…
5)Dastaan-E-Tamanna-E-Sarfaroshi_ Himanshu, Vedanth, Shivargh

Musical Dastaangoi

nullDastaan-E-Tamanna-E-Sarfaroshi: Himanshu, Vedanth, Shivargh
null06:30 pm – 08:00 pmKnow More…
5)Aisi Taisi Democracy with Varun Grover and Rahul Ram


nullAisi Taisi Democracy with Varun Grover and Rahul Ram
null08:30 pm – 10:00 pmKnow More…
6)Agnee with Mohan and Koco

Music Concert

nullAgnee with Mohan and Koco
null10:30 pm onwardsKnow More…
1)Rockumentry_ Evolution of Indian Rock

Film Screening

nullRockumentry: Evolution of Indian Rock

null12:00 pm – 01:30 pmKnow More…

2)Director’s Cut_ Rockumentary with Abhimanyu Kukreja and Luke Kenny


nullDirector’s Cut: Rockumentary with Abhimanyu Kukreja and Luke Kenny
null01:30 pm – 02:30 pmKnow More…

Book Discussion

nullGyarahvin A Ke Ladke by Gaurav Solanki
null02:45 pm – 04:00 pmKnow More…
04)Jashn – E – Qalam_ Chechak ke daag by Shashwita Sharma, Marhoom ki yaad mein by KC Shankar

Comedy Story Play

nullJashn – E – Qalam: Chechak ke daag by Shashwita Sharma, Marhoom ki yaad mein by KC Shankar
null04:15 pm – 05:15 pmKnow More…
05)Into the mind with Abhishek Acharya


null Into the mind with Abhishek Acharya
null05:30 pm – 06:45 pmKnow More…


nullRahat Indori, Subhan Asad, Ameer Imam
null07:00 pm – 09:00 pmKnow More…
07)Ballimaaraan – A Piyush Mishra Project

Music Concert

null Ballimaaraan – A Piyush Mishra Project
null09:30 pm onwardsKnow More…

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The Journey

The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival, GIFLIF, is Asia’s first film and literature festival. The inaugural edition was launched in Gurugram in December 2015. With over 1800 film entries from 108 countries and 16 sessions that focused on the numerous facets of film-making such as screen-writing, direction, lyrics and the journey of the artists, GIFLIF was much appreciated by the audience of 7,000.


Having no precursor to a film and literature festival, GIFLIF’s progression was only possible with experimentation in terms of execution and content. Gurugram International Film and Literature Festival were soon rechristened to The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival. The name being changed because GIFLIF was now set to be a travelling festival, focusing also on regions that have no dearth of talent, but lacked exposure to any major festival. GIFLIF Bhopal Chapter was launched in September 2016, attended by around 7,000 people, young and old.


Being in the circuit for over a year, the founders realized the monotony of discussions and debates that had become an integral part of electronic, digital and live events across India. The thought now led to curation of content that was enriching and entertaining. Elements such as plays, music concerts and poetry recitals came into being at GIFLIF. Ace poet, author, actor and composer, Mr. Piyush Mishra, who had been a mentor since the inception of GIFLIF launched his musical project, Ballimaaraan, at GIFLIF Gurugram Chapter 2016. A moment that GIFLIF celebrates till date. The audience of Gurgaon relived their childhood with an evening of poetry with Hasya Kavi Surendra Sharma. The play Nothing Like Lear, directed by Rajat Kapoor and enacted by Vinay Pathak was a treat to the audience. India’s only Oscar nominated animated film “Schirkoa” directed by Ishan Shukla, and The School Bag – Directed by Dheeraj Jindal were the some of the path breaking films that were screened with the directors. Additionally, there were films from over 6 countries that were screened. GIFLIF had been conducting poetry contests for budding poets, and this time it was decided to conduct the pre-event contest that would be an experience for the participants. Over 30 shortlisted poets, travelled in Rapid Metro Gurugram, for the first ever poets congregation in a running train. “Poetry on Wheels” went on to become a World Record for first of its kind event.


GIFLIF Bhopal Chapter was conducted in August 2017. The edition was a celebration that Bhopal had never witnessed. Be it eminent author Mr. Ruskin Bod’s first visit to Bhopal in 83 year or the first ever performance of Ballimaaraan. Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café, which is the only band to exclusively perform saint Kabir’s dohas, to a show with mentalist Abhishek Acharya. The edition was a massive hit with over 15,000 people in attendance. This led us to an invitation from the neighbouring state Chhattisgarh.



GIFLIF was launched in Raipur in January 2018, and the junta of Raipur was in for the first edition of GIFLIF in their city. With an attendance of over 15,000 people GIFLIF had made a mark.



The next 2 editions of GIFLIF were conducted in Bhopal and Raipur and new elements such as Musical Dastaangoi, Story Play and Electronic Music were introduced for the audience.



After 7 editions across numerous cities Gurgaon (2015, 16), Bhopal (2016, 17, 18) and Raipur (2018, 19) GIFLIF is now all set to launch into a new territory – Pune.

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