GIFLIF | Comedy & Music Fest | 26 & 27 March | Bhopal

Dastaan-E-Tamanna-E-Sarfaroshi: Himanshu, Vedanth, Shivargh


Musical Dastaangoi

nullDastaan-E-Tamanna-E-Sarfaroshi: Himanshu, Vedanth, Ajay

null06:30 pm – 08:00 pm 

Daastan-e-Tamanna-e-Sarfaroshi is an ode to the revolutionaries of the Kakori Revolution, also known as the Kakori Kaand. This Daastaan, talks about the political ideology and bravery of the revolutionaries and their struggle for freedom. The Daastaan will talk particularly about Ashfaqullah Khan and Ram Prasad Bismil, their friendship and the symbol it was for hindu-muslim unity. This Dastaan is a revolution against the voices of discord in our society.